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Crowdrise is a platform for fundraising.

It’s a great example of a company that does content writing well. This site was discussed as a case study in a presentation I saw of Anne Handley @MarketingProfs

Get Studiopress Genesis Theme working with POSSE Webmentions

The POSSE (Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) espouses the idea that all content should be owned by you. The content lives on your own site and then is broadcast to all the other content silos on the internet (i.e., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram).

The technology that allows WordPress to support this is handled through the IndieWeb plugins. One of these plugins allows activity in silos on syndicated posts to be put back onto your website. What this means is if I post a status message on my WordPress blog, Twitter displays it, someone replies on Twitter, than that reply is displayed on my website.

How I do this is through a third party service called You can read about that if you want to set it up.

When I got everything running I noticed that I was seeing activity on my posts but they were not displaying on my site. I use Studiopress Genesis + Mindstream themes. I did some digging and figured out the problem.

Two quick changes to the main Genesis theme will fix displaying a webmention on my site:

The first in the function genesis_do_comments()

if ( have_comments() && (! empty( $wp_query->comments_by_type['comment']  ) 
    or ! empty ($wp_query->comments_by_type['webmention'] ) ) ) {

The second in genesis_default_list_comments:

function genesis_default_list_comments() {

    $defaults = array(
        'type'        => 'comment',
        'avatar_size' => 48,
        'format'      => 'html5', //* Not necessary, but a good example
        'callback'    => genesis_html5() ? 'genesis_html5_comment_callback' : 'genesis_comment_callback',

    $args = apply_filters( 'genesis_comment_list_args', $defaults );

    wp_list_comments( $args );

$webmentions = array(
        'type'        => 'webmention',
        'avatar_size' => 48,
        'format'      => 'html5', //* Not necessary, but a good example
        'callback'    => genesis_html5() ? 'genesis_html5_comment_callback' : 'genesis_comment_callback',
    wp_list_comments( $webmentions );


This is not a perfect solution. Everytime Studiopress updates their themes I’ll have to reply this change. It also doesn’t allow you to interleave mentions and comments in time order. As you can see, it displays comments first them webmentions.

What online services exist to help identify and segment customers for a product?

What online services exist to help companies understand, identify and segment their customers before the product is actually developed?

One of the major difficulties we face as a small startup company is identifying our  target customers and understand who they are.

Sure, getting out of the office, doing the footwork and talking to as many people we can find helps, and is the right thing to do.
But it could be a real time saver if there were online services which could narrow our search, help us focus on specific groups and test our hypothesis.

I would like to know if you are aware of any solutions like that.
Thanks in advance!

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OMG Excel you are driving me nuts today.

I want to create a simple set of macros that I can pass around as an AddIn. When I run it as a Macro in my workbook it’s fine. It doesn’t work as an AddIn.

The AddIn creates a menu item under the AddIns worksheet menu. When I try to call the function from the menu item, I see this error.

"Cannot run the macro FOO. The macro may not be available in this workbook or all macros may be disabled."

All macros are enabled but I can’t figure out how to make the functions from the AddIn show up in either the Macros list or in the AddIn menu I created.

More to come…

Update March 26, 2013, 1:17 PM

I’m making progress. It looks like there might be a name space collision between the AddIns default workbook “ThisWorkbook” and the active documents workbook name “ThisWorkbook.”

I renamed the AddIn Workbook and references that when I called the AddIn function from the AddIn menu and I was able to call the method (AddInName.FOO).