How the Productivity Myth is Killing Your Startup — about work — Medium

Great article on #productmanagement.

  • The myth of productivity: means you won’t complete the most important things because group parallelization will occur based on erroneous scoping and estimation.
  • The myth of productivity: means you will hemorrhage what precious output you have with reckless abandon into dozen of disconnected initiatives, pet projects, and low-priority tasks.
  • The myth of productivity: makes more external commitments than you can fulfill, introducing more urgency but no more value to your work, preventing new opportunities, and dooming medium-term projects to the murky unforgiving sea of “long term projects”.

Dealing with the myths:

  • My rule of thumb is to take a list of to-dos, cut it in half, and double the time estimate. Most of the time, it’s eerily on-point. Hey, you can always add more in. This is always less expensive than taking things out.

How the Productivity Myth is Killing Your Startup — about work — Medium.

Top Floor – Buggy Highrise Client

I feel like I was ripped off with this application. In an ideal world I would have an integrated CRM system that would allow me to log all of my calls into a web based system so I can track when I last communicated with someone.

Highrise from 37signals is a pretty simple (both in usability and functionality) CRM. Top Floor is a client built to use the Highrise API. It’s a buggy mess. When I first purchased it, it was completely broken. The developer has since updated it however it still crashes way to much for my own good.