I dusted off an old website this weekend. Cleaned up some content and relaunched it. The site is I started it a few years ago when I switched from a PC to a Mac, grew tired of posting content and let it sort of gather weeds.

If you are a Mac geek and want to learn some of what I know about using the Mac, check it out.



Use TextExpander to Create SurveyGizmo Surveys Fast

I build surveys using SurveyGizmo. It’s a great online survey tool, but building longer surveys through their interface is a bit tedious.

In order to speed up the process you can create surveys from specially formatted text files. To help things along even further, I’ve created a series of TextExpander snippets to allow me to quickly create survey questions.

What is TextExpander you say? It’s an Mac app that will allow you to replace text you type frequently with smaller shortcuts. So, say you type your address a lot, you can replace it with addr. Then every time you type addr it will expand and replace it with your address.

If you have a Mac, you should definitely get TextExpander, it’s an awesome tool that will save you a boatload of time. Then, you should download these  here.

Load them into TextExpander and you can use them to quickly create new survey questions.

When done, simply copy and paste  the survey into the Survey Gizmo importer tool and you are 70% of the way to completing the survey.

If you add any new snippets please leave them in the comments.



My Favorite Mac Related Sites

I received an alumnimum Mac Book Pro a little while ago and I began to scour the net to find some great websites for getting the most out of my system. I figured I’d create a list to give back some link love.

  1. Learning OSX has video tutorials on getting the most out of OSX
  2. The Unofficial Mac Blog – tons of tips and tricks
  3. Daring Fileball
  4. I Use This Mac Blog