You Can Easily Learn 100 TED Talks Lessons In 5 Minutes Which Most People Need 70 Hours For

Three keys to success from Elon Musk: Work very hard, pay attention to negative feedback especially when it comes from friends, and study physics to learn how to reason from first principles instead of by analogy.

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Find a home for used books

bookmooch_logo I hate throwing out books. My wife says it’s like throwing out knowledge. I can’t agree more. Consequently, I have accumlated a large pile of books which if put in order would allow an anthropologist to track my career and life.

Recently, I decided to start decluttering my office. Of course this meant doing something with all of those books. I made a conscious decision to get rid of any book I haven’t looked at in the last year. The challenge became finding out *how* to get rid of them.

I started on but the hassle of putting them on, figuring out pricing then waiting until someone buys them didn’t seem that fulfilling. Anyway, I wasn’t getting rid of these books for the money.

It was then I stumbled across Book Mooch. Book Mooch is a service that allows users to swap books. It works like this:

I have a pile of books I put into the Book Mooch inventory, if someone a copy of a book, they ask me for it. I then ship it to them. This in turn earns me credits that I can use to mooch a book from someone else. The book owners pay the shipping cost and no money changes hands.

I may still go the route but Book Mooch appeals more to my altruistic nature. If you have a pile of books accumulating in your house, Book Mooch ’em.

Boost Your Willpower by Exercising your Mental Muscle

All of us have struggled to maintain self-control. Whether it is to have that last drink at a party, or a a cookie before dinner. An interesting article today in the New York times seems to suggest that self-control is a form of mental muscle that can improve with training.

Studies now show that self-control is a limited resource that may be strengthened by the foods we eat. Laughter and conjuring up powerful memories may also help boost a person’s self-control. And, some research suggests, we can improve self-control through practice, testing ourselves on small tasks in order to strengthen our willpower for bigger challenges.

In order to improve our self-control, the authors suggest working on smaller easily attainable goals. Obtaining small success will help improve your will-power making more difficult goals easier.

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Nearly Free AA Batteries from a 6 Volt Battery

6 Volt Battery Hack! You’ll Be Amazed!The top video clips of the week are hereIf you are like me, most of your electronic devices are powered by AA batteries. My kids go through AA batteries like candy, costing me a small fortune. This video, found on Metacafe show’s that inside 6 volt battery you can find 32 AA batteries. This hack could potentially save you hundred’s of dollars each year!