Does Your iPhone 5 Battery Suck This Hard?

I bought an iPhone 5 about a month ago. I like the form factor, I like the weight. What I don’t like (actually hate) is the poor battery life.

On my iPhone 4, I could use my phone all day without worrying about charging it. Regular use for my was a mix of WiFi, Cellular data and text messaging. I rarely used the phone for calls.

Now, with my iPhone 5, I woke up this morning at 6:30am with a fully charged battery. I unplugged the phone, sent about 6 text messages and then went for a run.

I ran 3 miles, listened to a locally cached Spotify playlist (didn’t stream over LTE) and used Runkeeper to track my run. Upon returning, I looked at my batter an noticed that I’m down to about 60% of a charge. It’s 9:53am.

iPhone battery after three hours normal usage

iPhone battery after three hours normal usage

Is this normal or do I have a defective battery?

If it is normal then Apple has really released a crappy phone. Better speed and larger screen isn’t worth a damn if you can’t use the phone because of a dead battery.

Apparently I’m not the only one with these problems either.

I’m wishing I went with an iPhone 4S

Delicious Bookmark App

I’m removing the Delicious bookmark app. It works as advertised, lets you search bookmarks in delicous. This is not that useful to me for a couple of reasons.

  1. I have switched to Digo as the bookmarking site of choice
  2. I don’t need that many bookmarks at my disposal on my iPhone. I typically only view a small subset of sites. Anything else I need, I can Google.

More iPhone App reviews

I spent about 30 seconds too long looking for an app on my iPhone and realized it was time to clean off some of the apps. Again, these reviews aren’t meant to be complete, just merely quick thoughts on why I’m dumping them.

Labyrinth Lite Edition – this game used the accelerometer to allow the iPhone to simulate wooden labyrinth boards. It was neat when I first got the phone. Now I’m bored with it.

Google Mobile App – Brings your favorite google apps into one place. Don’t really ever need them.

Stanza – pretty cool book reader. Great user interface. Two problems, 1 screen is really to small. 2, I got a Kindle 🙂

Edibles Diet Journal – don’t remember why I stopped using this, as diet apps go, I prefer Lose It!
Calorie Tracker by Live Strong – see above

QR app – it reads bar codes and QR codes, don’t really need to read QR codes and RedLaser is soo much better.

Juxtaposer – this takes allows you to swap heads on a picture. It is really *not* easy to do this on an iPhone.

Shazam – allows the iPhone to listen to something and identify a song. Midomi is a better option.

Last.FM – I really want to continue to use this app, however, more and more I find myself going to Pandora.

Craigsphone – if you’re a craigslist junkie than get this app. For me it’s been idle for about a year.

Cardstar – This app allows you to store your loyalty cards in a database. It was featured in the Apple iPhone commercials. My wife does all our shopping 🙂


Loopt is a location based social network application which let’s you tell your friends where you are and find out where they are.

The application itself is designed well it’s easy to tag your location. For me the novelty wore off after the first few weeks. I haven’t used it in months and am deleting it.

Top Floor – Buggy Highrise Client

I feel like I was ripped off with this application. In an ideal world I would have an integrated CRM system that would allow me to log all of my calls into a web based system so I can track when I last communicated with someone.

Highrise from 37signals is a pretty simple (both in usability and functionality) CRM. Top Floor is a client built to use the Highrise API. It’s a buggy mess. When I first purchased it, it was completely broken. The developer has since updated it however it still crashes way to much for my own good.

iPhone Wikipedia Clients

I’ve tried two clients on the iPhone, Wikiamo and Quickipedia. They both have their merits but since there is no need to keep two Wikipedia clients on my iPhone I have to choose.

In my five minute review of both applications, I’ve settled on Quickipedia. I like the job Quickipedia does rendering the pages, especially with larger images. Wikiamo seems a bit faster but on my 3Gs it’s not really a factor.

Wikipedia has also just released their own official client. If anyone has any experience with this let me know.