YouTube is Dead – Maybe

Benjamin Wayne, CEO of Fliqz, a white label video streaming  service has lit up the blogosphere with his prognosis that YouTube is doomed and is currently on life support. His opinion was based on a recent Credit Suisse report shed some light on how much money Google is using on YouTube and he believes that […]

Google Tip – A dictionary as close as your browser search bar

While writing, I am often looking for the best word to use. Rather than checking dictionary websites or dare I say, break out a paper dictionary, I turn to Google. The define keyword allows you to check Google for the definition of a word. To use it, simply type define:wordname and click Google Search. You […]

Google Tip – Narrow search to a single site

I often am looking for particular information on a website. Rather than spend time navigating through the site. I let Google find what I need for me. This is easily accomplised with the Google site command. The site command let’s you limit your search to a particular URL. For example, recently I found my self […]