Use TextExpander to Create SurveyGizmo Surveys Fast

I build surveys using SurveyGizmo. It’s a great online survey tool, but building longer surveys through their interface is a bit tedious. In order to speed up the process you can create surveys from specially formatted text files. To help things along even further, I’ve created a series of TextExpander snippets to allow me to quickly […]

Top Floor – Buggy Highrise Client

I feel like I was ripped off with this application. In an ideal world I would have an integrated CRM system that would allow me to log all of my calls into a web based system so I can track when I last communicated with someone. Highrise from 37signals is a pretty simple (both in […]

iPhone Wikipedia Clients

I’ve tried two clients on the iPhone, Wikiamo and Quickipedia. They both have their merits but since there is no need to keep two Wikipedia clients on my iPhone I have to choose. In my five minute review of both applications, I’ve settled on Quickipedia. I like the job Quickipedia does rendering the pages, especially […]

iPhone Twitter Application Roundup

OK, maybe not a round up. I’ve tried two. Twitteriffic and Tweet Deck. photo credit: dantekgeekI’ve used Twitteriffic as my primary twitter application since it came out. It sports a clean interface. Allows you to manage multiple accounts and color codes posts in such a way that they have context. TweetDeck is a newcomer. If […]