Google Tip – A dictionary as close as your browser search bar

While writing, I am often looking for the best word to use. Rather than checking dictionary websites or dare I say, break out a paper dictionary, I turn to Google. The define keyword allows you to check Google for the definition of a word. To use it, simply type define:wordname and click Google Search. You […]

Google Tip – Narrow search to a single site

I often am looking for particular information on a website. Rather than spend time navigating through the site. I let Google find what I need for me. This is easily accomplised with the Google site command. The site command let’s you limit your search to a particular URL. For example, recently I found my self […]

Great tip from Better Homes and Garden, found by way of Lifehacker. Hanging pictures on a blank wall can be rough, especially with all of the hit-and-miss involved in aligning your frames and hammering in your nails. Better Homes and Gardens has a tip for getting your wall hangings right the first time so you […]

Avoid the PBX Blackhole when calling Customer Service

If you’ve ever called a customer support number and were stuck navigating through endless messages then the Gethuman website is just for you. The Gethuman database contains a list of company phone numbers and – more importantly, the instructions for bypassing the phone system to speak with a human. [tags]Productivity, tips, telephone[/tags]

Avoid another unwanted tie for the holidays.

The social bookmarking website Delicious is a great way to organize, share and discover interesting websites. I’ve replaced my standard bookmark list in Firefox with Delicious using the excellent plug in by Yahoo!. If your family is like mine, they often struggle to find the best gift for you. Rather than risk another unwanted gift, […]