Online Fundraising Website to Raise Money Online for a Cause | Fundraise online for Charity on Crowdrise

Crowdrise is a platform for fundraising. It’s a great example of a company that does content writing well. This site was discussed as a case study in a presentation I saw of Anne Handley @MarketingProfs

Stop Treating Your Users Like Children

I spent about 15 minutes yesterday bulk deleting photos from Google+. Each time I clicked delete on a photo the computer so kindly asked me “Are you sure you want to do this?” I dutifully clicked “Yes”, as I’ve done thousands of times over the last 20+ years. Then, it hit me. Why am I […]

Never worry about your site going down again

A few months ago my website was hacked. I didn’t realize this for a few weeks because I don’t check it very often. It occurred to me the other day that I could use Google Analytics Intelligence Alerts to keep an eye on my website. The alert system will notify me when something goes wrong. […]

Do product managers need to have more power inside Google?

Do product managers need to have more power inside Google? No, I don’t think so. We bring together a team of people who are really passionate about [a] subject. I think it’s interesting: We still don’t do very high-definition product specs. If you write a 70-page document that says this is the product you’re supposed […]

How the Productivity Myth is Killing Your Startup — about work — Medium

Great article on #productmanagement. The myth of productivity: means you won’t complete the most important things because group parallelization will occur based on erroneous scoping and estimation. The myth of productivity: means you will hemorrhage what precious output you have with reckless abandon into dozen of disconnected initiatives, pet projects, and low-priority tasks. The myth […]

The Secrets of What Makes a Product Go Viral

Jonah Berger, an assistant professor of marketing at Wharton just wrote a book exploring the reasons why products go viral. The book, Contagious: Why Things Catch On, covers six key features that all viral products share. 1. Products should have social currency and make their owners feel special 2. Products should have triggers to keep […]

Social products win with utility, not invites

Really good essay on why, if you are building a product with a social layer, you should focus on providing utility for your members first and the social graph second. Social products win with utility, not invites Guest Post | @andrewchen. or as Bill Gates said back in 1996 – “Content is King!”  

Fast boat, fast river | Lean Analytics Book

Paul Graham has a simple definition of a startup: an organization designed to grow fast. Steve Blank adheres to a different one: an organization formed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model. They’re both right, in a way. And that has important implications for entrepreneurs via Fast boat, fast river | Lean Analytics […]