Are you Sending Twitter DM Spam? Here’s how to fix it.

Twitter DM spam is a drag. It kills your social proof and makes you look like a bonehead. What is Twitter spam you say? It’s usually a DM that is sent to all of your followers that says something like “Hey, so and so is saying bad things about you” or “Check out this link.” […]

Lone Ranger Is Everything Wrong With Hollywood — Vulture

Gilbert Cruz writes a nice piece on espousing why the Lone Ranger Is Everything Wrong With Hollywood — Vulture. I agree with everything he’s written here and would like to add my $.02. The death of Jonathan Kent represents everything that’s wrong with Man of Steel (and by extension Hollywood). In the original Superman movie […]

A Nerd’s Guide to Success and Happiness | Nerd Fitness

Steve Kamb at Nerd Fitness wrote a spectacular article on happiness. It’s worth reading the entire thing but here’s the summary. Here’s how to build the habit of making yourself happier: When you wake up, try meditating before checking your phone or turning on your computer. Even if it’s only for two minutes. Do what you […]

Is your content your own?

If you ever needed an example as to why you should be publishing content you care about on a platform you 100% control, look no further than MySpace. In the latest attempt to pivot, MySpace removed the blog feature from the site. Why they would do this knowing full well that it would annoy their […]