Product Has Moved

The website you’re reading is about 10 years old, maybe older. Going through some of these older posts is a lot like cleaning out your attic. You come across a lot of dusty things, many of which you can’t ever recall buying.

I’m keeping this site around but cleaning out some older posts. I’ve written a few piece on product development which I’ll keep here for posterity. However, if you want to see my current writing on product management then visit my other site.

Published by Joe

Joe’s first professional job involved playing video games for 9 hours a day. After experiencing early signs of brain rot, he decided to teach himself how to write software. His entire career is characterized by this “why not?” attitude. Joe is formerly the founder of Sharey, a lead-generation tool that adds a personalized call to action to curated social media content. Prior to founding Sharey, Joe worked with a range of companies—from pre-investment startups to large corporations—to bring high-tech consumer products to life.