In case you missed it because of all the other Donald J. Trump related BS. The House just signed a measure to allow ISPs to sell your data w/o your permission. This rolls back work done by the Obama administrations FCC chair.
The chief argument you will here from the GOP is that regulations are bad and this creates a level playing field between Comcast, Verizon and say Google. However that argument falls apart for two reasons.

One, ISPs have a near monopoly. I don’t have the ability to choose an ISP that aligns more with how I want my data used.

Two, I can choose to block the data from Google or any other internet company with Ghostery or other ad blocking tools. Your ISP has access to every bit going in and out of your internet connection which is far more invasive then data you might give to Google.
I want to be crystal clear about this. There is no way this is good for you. Unless of course you think letting the ISP sell information about every single website you visit to the highest bidder – with your real world information too, is a good thing.

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