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I’m testing out Bridgy from @schnarfed to syndicate content from WordPress. It’s part of the #POSSE movement.


The hype begins for the new Star Wars movie –


I read a pretty good post the other day from @bdehaaff about obtaining wealth.

The gist is (no surprise here) that people who are rich work harder at it than everyone else. It doesn’t matter how you measure wealth, the formula is the same.

Want to have an abundance of friends? Work hard at it.

Want to have a rich and rewarding family life? Work hard at it.

Want to have financial success? Work hard at it.

Want to have an amazing relationship with your partner? Work hard at it.

You can read it all here – The One Sign You Will Be Rich | LinkedIn.


Comcast: Everyone secretly knows our Time Warner merger is good for customers | Ars Technica.



5 Reasons You Should Work For A Startup At Least Once | TechCrunch.


One of my favorite bands, @TheNewPornographers recently released a new album. I’m going to see them at the Union Transfer in Philadelphia soon.

NPR gave a sneak peek of what I should expect with this shortened version of their concert, played at the historic Brill Building.


“You may not be responsible for causing what happens to you, but you are responsible for what you do to correct it.” – Michael Durst


I’m moving and selling some yard stuff

I’m going to put this up on Craigslist soon but figured I’d let friends know about it first.

I’m moving and in the process of cleaning out my shed. Here’s your chance to get a hold of some great outdoor tools for cheap.

  • Echo GT-200R Gas powered trimmer $50
  • Ariens ST8 2 stage snow blower $500 OBO
  • Leaf blower $25 Beat up
  • Craftsman 20 inch mower $25
  • Lawn Claw great for pulling weeds $20
  • Scotts Spreader $15 RL
  • Flomaster sprayer – $15
  • Wheel barrel – $20
  • Frisker branch trimmer $20 Homelite chainsaw (needs chain) $20
  • Axe – $10
  • Shop broom $10

You can see pics of the stuff in this Flickr gallery.


Rework Book Summary

I recently finished the excellent book Rework by the guys at 37 Signals. If you’ve read Getting Real, most of this is old hat. However, if you are interested to see how their product development principals are applied to running a business. Check it out. Here’s my outline.

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